Insects eating sowed seeds


I have sowed pumpkin seeds of mahyco company. seeds are treated with tiram etc which was mentioned on packing box. Very next day i have seen that seeds are on top of soil with inside seed eaten completely leaving shell.

I noticed that its not ant activity. some insects which look are in ant size are doing this. tried sowing and putting polydol powder also but no use.

how to overcome this issue.


This is rodent problem, use phorate per pit around 10 gms.


Thiram is a fungicide so it cannot keep away termites/ants etc.

Chimical method is mentioned by Nikhi. 
Organic way you can coat gently with castor oil+Salt+Turmeric Powder.(this method is suggested by our forum member Gunda)

Or use 250gm of neem cake around the seed when you plant.