Innovation, Startups, Venture capital and disruption in agriculture

Hi Friends,

I came across an interesting article about the latest innovation being done in agriculture. Some of the technologies are about heating the roots to using drones to analyse and spray pesticides.

Hope it starts a debate/discussion on the topic.


Too much costly and good for BIG/Corporate farmers.

Dear Vimalan,

When it comes to push and pull, all farmers has to increase productivity somehow. I expect these technologies will become cheaper as time goes by. We have seen the same kind of reduction in prices in all the other technological marvels.

Moreover, the individual land holdings has come down in India to around 2.9acres per individual and is expectd to go down in future. Hence the only way out of to increase the productivity.


Dear sir

Well…New technologies are being evolved day after day to increase the productivity
The technologies for heating the roots and using drones for enhancing pollination are indeed most useful

I wish to  present my view here for further understanding …Let it be corrected if wrong

Heating of roots is done through subsurface tubing in soil in places where freezing temperature is registered  that kills plants .This  minus degree temperature prevails most part of the year in cold temperate climate …Same time this technology is costly

But India is located in tropical monsoon climatic region that provide us ample opportunity to grow varieties of crops through out the year

Regarding using drones in agriculture ,it needs attention in area where vegetation is scanty that does not supply enough pollen to feed all the bees …However you can invite and grow bees in huge numbers naturally when you plan different varieties of plants that produce huge flowers through out year .This is possible only when you practice community farming in sizable area …

Mainly and mostly your topic in this forum  -Innovation, Startups,Venture capital and disruption in Agriculture implies about your curiosity and preparation for commercial farming that is anticipated  to bring in huge income

If i am right about your intention then your initiative is really a successful step towards making a highly rewarding farm business …

About 6 months back , I was told by some researchers in Agriculture university that Bangalore is emerging one of the world top most international business cities that needs to be supplied with huge quantity of Vegetable, fruits and dairy products

Present estimate says Bangalore city needs every day requirement of around 7000 MT of vegetables , 2000 MT of fruits ,1700 MT of dairy product …It is in research paper and yet to be published …

The thing is who ever meticulously plan can reap biggest rewards in agriculture in an immediate and near future