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Soil Ecology

Soil Management

Soil Management Practices … tices.html

Soil Conservation

Soil Food Web

Soil Biology

Soil Salinity Control


Nitrogen Cycle

Soil Life

Nitrogen Fixation

Soil Conservation


Water Run-Off … ral_issues

Soil Amendments


I have the following e-books, let me know if anyone needs. chandra if you can arrange for a quick way for me to upload these if that would be better

1 22 Introduction to Foliar Fertilizers HS - Sergey Pigarev.pdf
2 33Organic Management of Weeds, Pests, and Crop Diseases.ppt
3 34Organic Horticulture Outreach.ppt
4 38Principles of Organic Farming Systems and Natural Resource Conservation.ppt
5 39Building Soil Quality and Managing Nutrients.ppt
6 44A Brief History and Philosophy of Organic Farming.doc
7 45Caring for the Soil as a Living System.pdf
8 46Cover Crops for All Seasons.pdf
9 48Tillage, Cropping Systems, Soil Organic Matter, and Carbon Sequestration.doc
10 49Practical Nutrient Management for Organic Vegetable Crops.doc
11 50Ecological Weed Management for Organic Farms.doc
12 53Some Key Resources for Organic Horticulture.doc
13 55High Tunnels for Organic Horticulture  Opportunities and Challenges for Soil Conservation, Nutrient Management, and Pest Management.doc
14 Agriculture, Climate Change and Carbon Sequestration.pdf
15 agriculture_planning.pdf
16 Applying the Principles of Sustainable Farming.pdf
17 Biodynamic Farming  Compost Preparation.pdf
18 Biointensive Integrated Pest Management.pdf
19 Books Receipt.pdf
20 Building A Sustainable Business.PDF
21 Building Soils For Better Crops 3rd Edition.PDF
22 Companion Planting Basic Concepts & Resources.pdf
23 Conservation Tillage.pdf
24 Crop Rotation On Organic Farms A Planning Manual.PDF
25 dairychecksheet.pdf
26 dairy_resources.pdf
27 diversify.pdf
28 droughtmyth.pdf
29 enterprisebudgets.pdf
30 farmpest.pdf
31 Foliar Fertilization.pdf
32 Holistic Management A WholeFarm Decision Making Framework.pdf
33 integrated parasite management for livestock.pdf
34 adsfdasf
35 Loss of Soil Organic Matter and Its Restoration.pdf
36 Manage Insects On Your Farm.PDF
37 Managing Cover Crops Profitably 3rd Edition.PDF
38 Organic Crop Production Overview.pdf
39 Organic Field Crops Documentation Forms.pdf
40 Organic IPM Field Guide.pdf
41 organic.pdf
42 Sustainable Agriculture An Introduction.pdf
43 What is Sustainable Agriculture.pdf

Excellent stuff, and better suited to the wiki.

I will create the required setup and send you a login for upload.


Done, here is the public link to view the books.

Hi Chandra,

I cant download the link as it is asking me for login and and logging me with the farmnest login and password

saieesh gandhi

you need to sign up for the wiki, wiki login and farmnest forum login are different

Thanks Brajesh


Sorry, the ebooks are temporarily unavailable until we clear the copyright stuff.
Will get them back asap (you won’t need to login to download them by the way).


posting direct download links here