Information Needed on Hydroponics -- Newbie

Hi All,
I am planning to start hydroponic farming and started gathering information from the google and decided to start in small scale to observe the plant behaviour.
Now am planning to setup a hydroponic system at my home and willing to learn the things before startup on how to start and how to maintain.

Anybody doing hydroponics in Hyderabad or around so that i can visit and try to get some information.

PS: willing to visit the hydroponic home growers/ commercial growers.


I know a person ,working with this system and producing very good results,he is using the hydrponic fodder only and rearing 600 goats at Junnar, he is a young man left his foreign job and doing this business,his name is Mr. Ashwin Sawant his farm is at Junnar near Pune,you can talk to him on 9773567904,
giving him my ref. Homeopathic Dr.Vivek Joshi from newBombay.My No is 9773551402.
Best luck.

Hi Ponnam,

Good to know you have developed interest in alternative farming techniques. I would suggest you go ahead with growing few common veggies which grow well in the system. Please let me know the below information so that I can share my (limited) knowledge with you.

Do you plan to do this in your garden or on the terrace?
How much space is available?
Do you get enough direct sunlight?
What external forces are around your house (pigeons, squirrels, monkeys…) this is important to choose what you plan to grow
Do you have sufficient place to keep the water tanks required?

These are a few factors to be considered before getting into the set up. Then ofcourse you have to decide which technique of hydroponic would you like to use? Floating raft or Flood n drain or NFT.

Personal suggestion: Since you are already doing research on hydroponics, try and see if aquaponics suits you. I started with hydroponic setup but shifted to aquaponics as it requires much lesser maintainence and is chemical free.

Hi, A quick thought while reading this post- Is there a list of nutrients which can be compiled which may be necessary for growing veggies. It will not only be helpful to people who want to try their hand at something new but also help other regular farmers to improve yield.

I visited this weekend in Chennai and they have a full setup in place. The setup was impacted by the recent cyclone in Chennai but still for someone ho is interested this is a good place to visit not just for the setup but also for the services they provide.

Dear Sri Ponnam,

Wish to inform you that Aquaponics system of farming is better and safe than doing Hydroponics system, as Said By Sri Nithin , in his post dtd 13.11.2016.

In Hydroponic system we have to be under experts guidance more, initially. fertigation liquids/water to be checked often along with system media. Much risk is involved, if done on our own. In comparision, Aquaponic system of farming is little less risky. Any how I hope that these new systems to be done with experts advise/gidance, if the project is commercial grade.

We,  three like minded farmers , thinking of starting an Aquaponic system of farming and trying for an experts guidance, initially in a small scale. As per Our experiance , Experts are not showing interest in executing consultancy for small Aquaponic projects , and insisting for a minimum of 560 sq mtrs area project , which may be little burden for farmers like us.

with best wishes,    g.p.rao,    farmer

Rao Garu can you please suggest me a good expert that you might have come across, I would like to persue it further.

Dear Sri s14580,

Sri Vijaykumar Narayan of Nanneodi village,Palghat,Kerala is doing nice aquaponics projects , in his own lands, and also doing to some others. He is doing consultancy, but kept minimum extent of green house should be 560 sq mtrs.

His contact is Sri Vijaykumar Narayan, Nanniode Village , Palakkad, Kerala state and his contact number is 08129219282. pl contact him and visit his farms on request, and you can get the required.

Up to my observations, Aquaponics is a good project, provided you do work properly, with dedication and with good consultancy. It is a new path.

with good wishes,    g.p.rao,    farmer

Thanks u Rao Garu, will reach out to him and update u on my progress!!!

Dear sir, I am also interested to do Aquaponics. Since it is in its early stages, I want to go by,  limiting my investments to 5 to 6 lakhs, initially and to expand it in commercial scale, after success. I am also in search of an Aquaponic expert, who can make us with a small start and to expand it after our beleif/success in it.

If at all, I start my Aquaponic project, I want to start with Sea Boss fish - Exotic vegetables ( fruit or leafy ). Let us hope the best sir.

with best wishes,    g.p.rao,    farmer