Info required on transporting plants

Hello friends,

I am planning to get some plants from Kerala to Karnataka by road in a truck/lorry. Do I need to take care of any documentation, do I need to pay any tax at the border checkpost? Appreciate the help.


Dear Biju Sir, You can comfortably transport plants for your land plantation purposes. On the way , some officials may question you about is it for sale, if so where is your GST & CST certification…etc.

To avoid headaches on the way, pl carry your land RTC and Mutation copies, Collecta letter from Your nearest Horticulture office, and dollect letter from Asst Director, saying that those plants are required by the farmer to plant in his land, (with details like village name,SY no , farmer name etc ). You pl inform the supplier of your plants also to give a bill with mention of your name, village name and sy number etc .

Pl carry one affidavit also in the name of the land owner saying that these plants are for our own use and not for sale or resale with your full details on stamp paper.

Upto my knowledge no need of any tax to be paid, as you are carrying the said documentations also

All the best to you,  g.p.rao, farmer