Inducing pollination in custard apple

Hello. I have been cultivating custard apple for 5 years on my farm in Maharashtra. Due to the recent heatwave, there was a sharp decline in natural pollination and most flowers are withering and falling off without  fruiting. Hand pollination is not possible due to labour shortage. Is there any fertilizer which can induce pollination?

there are lot of external agents to increase flowering but I have not heard anything which will increase pollination.

Here in Karnataka there are bee keepers who keep their beehive box in farmer garden for a season.  you can contact any bee society to search such beekeepers in your locality.

If you are inorganic farmer this method is not so effective.

        Dear sri sir, You are very much wright upto my knowledge.The pollinations can be better with honey Bees, bumble bees, created wind blowing, with vibrators, with mannual shaking of the flower bunches etc. Except with honey bees and hand pollination , it is not economical in open field.

        pollination is a big hurdle in green house crops like GH tomato, colour capsicum,etc, as in our indian conditions, the honey bees can not be active/survive in hot ,humid conditions in greeen houses. They are also unable to do any thing for this pollination problem, as there is no other method like inducing pollination.

        I too think, only possibility is either with honey bees and/or mannual polination only.

        g.p.rao,  farmer