In which crops weed problem is most severe, in India...please help

I am a research student from Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore.
I tying to make a design intervention to remove weed from farms.
can anyone tell me,
in which crops weed germination problem is most severe.
I am in urgent need of this data, so kindly help me.

Tushar Pawar
Ist year- M.Des
Centre for Product Design & Manufacturing
Indian Institute of Science,
Bangalore - 560012

Do you want to design a de-weeder?

you want to know the list of the seeds which has germination issues.

Question was not clear.

Sorry sir for putting data in a wrong manner
I want the list of the seeds in which there is severe problem of weed germination .

All diecots have germination issues.  but soaking in hot water will solve the issue.
There are some forest trees which needs boiling.I am talking germination issue due to hard shell, not infertility.

There is a solution for all seeds. What are you trying to find out with this.

In my initial research study i found that weed affects very badly to the crop yield.
I am talking with different scientists &  I am getting different inputs from them.
Some are saying, in onion weed germination is big issue while some are saying in rice its a big issue.
some others are saying cotton, wheat, soybean, maize etc.
Its getting bit difficult to know in which crop its a burning issue. For which crop farmers are spending lot of money in order to control weed.
Instead of making an universal weed removal machine, If I’ll come to know few particular crops where weed is burning problem, then it’ll be easy for me to design a machine for that particular crop only.
Thats why I want to know in which crops weed germination is big problem in india.

Weeds are a problem in almost every crop. However some crops grow fast and smoother weeds by cutting out light.

I would assume a weeder design should not depend so much on the crop?

What is the relevance between seed germination and weeds?
Are you telling because of weeds seeds dont germinate? and you want to design  a de-weeder and improve germination rate?

Yes sir, I want to design a de-weeder.
According to my study, weed affects seed germination. Also weeds keep on coming during whole crop cycle & affects crop yield.
You can direct me in this manner

There are several seeds in Weed which cannot be listed. These are also increasing Day by Day.But the Main character of weed seed is that  “ONE YEAR SEEDING IS SEVEN YEARS WEEDING”.
Once keep it in mind the weed Management is easy.  The Management of Weed through weedicide is only a Temporary measure which suppresses the germination of weed for some time. The Best Method is to remove the weed by ploughing (With Cultivator) before seeding and remove the weed manually with frequent inter wells before seeding of the WEED in consonance with the above concept of one year seeding is seven years weeding.

It is out of my knowledge. If you have studied  that weeds hinder germination, I need to update my knowlede also. All these days I believed, weeds dont have any role in germination part.

Can we discuss how?

Germination needs moisture+temprature+oxygen in right proportion. Does weeds make deficit of these?
Rember germination of your grain and weed seed happen same time. Do you think weeds germinate rapidly and consume all moisture from soil?

Thank you Sir Sri Garu,

What you said is Correct. The weed will raise on favorable Conditions. But the wee germinates and grow even in unfavorable conditions when crops doesn’t grow. Hence weed management is most important thing to control by de-weeding before seeding either through Mechanical implements or through Labor. In view of the exorbitant Labor cost Mechanical weeding is better which is one time investment . Even then Labor weeing is necessary at the root/stem zone of the Plants. In view of all these problems mulching is suggested. Thank you sir for Sharing Knowledge with you are being an eminent Part in this Forum.