In my borewell some one thrown stone not possible to insert pump in borewell

I am Suresh Gopineni…I have one borewell in my field.The depth of the borewell is 210 feet .Casing length is 30 feets .Someone thrown stone in my borewell .When i tried to insert the pump in the borewell it is not possible to insert the pump . The stone was strucking at length of 40 feets .Please help me how to remove the stone from my borewell .
Is there having any chemical to break / remove the stone from borewell .Any experts please help me how to solve my problem .

Thanks in Advance,
Suresh Gopineni,

you should try to get a bore hole machine and clean the bore . Chemical cracking is not that easy given the fact that the stone is at 40 ft depth .


Thank you (yugaaa).
I have done with borewell machine