In Depth Analysis Required

Hi All,

I have gone through some of the posts and I am really happy to see there are very good discussions going on.  I really appreciate it.

I would like to see more in-depth analysis which are collated and provided here so that each one of us need not re-invent the wheel.  For eg., I was searching for Indigenous Cows relating to India and specifically to Tamilnadu and Kerala.

I have identified them and providing them below.

  1. Kangayam (Tamilnadu)
  2. Umblacherry (Tamilnadu)
  3. Baragur (Tamilnadu)
  4. Vechur (Kerala)

Most of the people who want to do Animal Husbandry would like to know the following (including me)

1.  Where do I get the cows?
2.  What is the cost of the cows?
3.  What are the feeds for them?
4.  What are the costs associated with each feed?
5.  Is it possible to grow them in our own place and where do I get the seeds or plants?
6.  What are the possible preventive action related to diseases need to be taken care of?
Etc  Etc

The above one is NOT exhaustive and need to be updated.

I request Chandra to do the administration and each one of us can contribute and enhance our knowledge and share them to others as well.


Please note that I have identified the indigenous cows from the following URL

Dear Padmanabhan,

Welcome to the forum and really good thoughts there!

Exactly with the intention that we have related information at one place and not be lost, we have some sticky topics and there is one on dairy farming: … resources/

I know we are just in the initial stages on that, but over time, the hope is to have it as a ready reference for anyone who has both information to share as well as information to seek. For example, I would request you to post the information you have identified on indigenous cow breeds for Tamilnadu and Kerala in that topic; as well as your questions. Going forward, we can find some better ways to organize the information of course.


Edit: And yes, you can post useful links too. The site you linked seems very useful.