Imported seeds-Strawberry

Hi, i am a new member and just getting in to poly house farming.Appreciate if anyone could let me know the following
1>Suitable variety of Strawberry for south-Indian weather(Near Ooty) which will give high yield and resistant to diseases.
2>Supplier from where i can source imported Holland seeds of Strawberry & broccoli.
3> Is indigenous hybrid variety is comparable with imported seed in productivity(yield/crop)


Check out these posts … 7/#msg2637


Please check this video. some names of staff is available in the video

Dear Sri sir, Hope you might have studied on straw berry’s farming. Will it suits for our bengaluru weather and if so which months. Secondly has any farmer doing strawberry farming in Karnataka either in open and/or in green houses and if so details of farmers. Pl share your knowledge sir. With best wishes, g.p.rao, farmer

Sri.Rao garu, No. I have studied much on strawberry. But in Maharastra and Bihar it is grown in winter. In my opinion it is very much possible here in Karataka also.

Dear Sri Sir, Good moral support. Hope I should try in Oct/Nov 2016 in small extent. With best wishes, g.p.rao, farmer