Importance of micro irrigation

Micro-Irrigation is defined as the application of water in small, frequent and precise quantity to each plant separately through emitters. It is the most advanced irrigation technique having highest application efficiency.

In this process, water is continuously delivered in drops at the same point and moves it into soil and create moisture vertically by gravity and horizontally by capillary action.

Lets talk about future, by 2050, there will be around 10 billion people living on our planet and 20% less arable land per person to grow enough calories. Increasing water scarcity, is the most crucial problem we are facing today.
In traditional technique in agriculture almost 30% of water wastage has been observed so we have to educate people and have to implement such practices which will increase productivity with using less resources…

For this purpose we can rely on Drip-irrigation, as it changing the economics of global agriculture by allowing farmers to produce more calories per hectare and cubic meter of water.
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