Impact on Diary Farmers if Milk Price in Tamil nadu is reduced by Rs.7

DMK has announced during Election rally that if they win the  AAVIN milk price in Tamilnadu will be reduced by rupees 7 per litter.
So what will be the impact on Diary Farmers?

Reduce the retail price or farmer price?  :astonished:

Retail price currently from 41 to 34 rupees per litter. The can not subsidize lot  because now  in Tamil nadu one of the main source of income to government is Liquor. DMK is going to close the shops. So if income is less then how they can subsidize long time?

I feel farmer price will have impact.

Dear forum farmer friends,

Possible and/or impossible. Does not matter. Present trend is " Power is must". They don’t mind and do any promise for getting in to power.

One thing is sure  that, liquor will not be banned in India, in the states of India, except Gujarath. What was the fate in andhra Pradesh and telangana, earlier, done by NTR.

Hope the best,    g.p.rao,    farmer

I don’t think it will be reduced for farmers, I understood it like “it is a subsidy for milk” Govt will bear 7 rs. or reduce 3-4 rs for farmers and rest Govt contributes.

I Karnataka it is already in practice, but in a different form. Govt is keeping milk price low and paying 4rs/l as encouragement money. But in this farmers benefited. In TN scheme consumers will be benefited.