I want to have details on this rare medicinal plant and its commercial viability

In Sanskrit - Asthisamharaka. The Latin and botanical name- Cissus Quadrangularis. It increases bone mineral density and enhances the rate of fracture healing. Other uses: hemorrhoid, intestinal worms, gout, internal bleeding, and leucorrhea. Rare - important plant
Allopathic Medicine - PROLAGE - XT has this plant salt. 10 Tablets - High commercial value. If somebody has shoulder pain or frozen shoulder case salt can be used.
This plant is locally known as Hada joda in ODISHA.
I have two plants and after going through the commercial details of farming can go on a big scale.
As far as I know it’s used in treatment of arthitis, Bone fractures by Ayurvedic doctors.
This plant grows from stem

![hada joda photo|375x500]


I am from kadappa District of Andhra pradesh the plant the you have displayed is wild crop here,

please let me know how is the commercial value created with this plant


the information you want to know is same with me.
I am also interested to know if this is commercially viable
n.d. goswami