I need some advice


New member here. I need some advice on farming. I have some land in chennai, India (14000 sq. ft), and I wish to manage a farming business. What must I do, how to hire farmers, what sort of crops must one grow?

Some insights would be appreciated.

Farm Boy



Thats Great your looking for Farming Business in Chennai with this much Land!

you Follow this forum in various topics and you can get more Info!

Well, that is not a huge area for regular agriculture of course.

You might add a nursery to your list of options.

You have not mentioned what kind of business you wanted to do in agriculture. How best advice you can expect?
Be clear to get perfect advice at free of cost from the forum.

See whether it may suits you or not.
First have drumstick PKM veriety in 8X8 distance and have lines towards south to north.
After  drumstick plants grown up to 2 feet, than have pudina in the open land between drumstick plants.
One it starts growing up to 4 to 6 inches, than cut and sell them daily, it will repeat once in 15 to 20 days.

After Drumstick grown up to 3 feet cut all of the top buds and allow plant to have 4 branches for maximum yield.
this plant can give you yield up to 5 years and even more without much efforts.
Water and manure will be one and the same like for a single crop.

Since the quantity of land is less, you could try floriculture (carnation/gerbera etc). There are some videos on youtube of few farmers in and around Bangalore that grow these flowers. Polyhouse cultivation is recommended for this and the income/expense numbers seem promising.


Hi Farmboy,
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