I am staring small dairy

hi All
my name is dayananda frm karnataka i want to start to a dairy business in my home town(davangere) so i need some guidliness from A to Z activity of business where i can buy cow, equipment cow shed.  my budget is 7 lakhs where i am going invest 3 lakhs remaining i take from banks so which bank is suitable for loans but main problem i dont have land i am taking land lease from my friend 3 acres that enough for dairy activity so i need 10cows project report of it and also i need project report on bank proposal of it whether can i get loan on it are not i am waiting for your my email id dayagc11@gmail.com reply
thanking you

Knowledge, Land, Water, Dedication are basics to start dairy and collateral security & satisfactory profile for bank to avail the loan. 

It will be better if you may give your A to Z to understand your situation to provide you possible guidelines as you have not disclosed your full profile.