I am a new polyhouse farmer and request advice on green house farming

I am erecting a new poly house in the suburbs of Kochi city Kerala

new to farming request professional advice from experts through this discussion forum

My wish is that as many Poly houses coming up in Kerala state sponsored by Govt of Kerala

This discussion will benefit many new comers

Thank you
Ganesh Bhat

If you post specific questions it will help others to join discussion.

There discussions already available please go thru.

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Dear Ganesh,

Nice to hear your  interest to enter  protected cultivation. Plse fix which crop you are

planning to grow. Off seasonal crop production will fetch good income. Alongwith

protected cultivation  go for  open field cultivation, a  vegetable seedling nursery.

yard beans (achinga), bitter gourd -  are safe crops , See the scope of exotic

vegetables ( lettuce, cherry tomaatoes, broccoli, chineese  cabbage, red cabbage,

celery, celery cabbage,  indian spinach  etc…

select  best  variety ,  is also a key factor.

Thank you