Hydroponics nutrients in a organic way

If I am correct,  Nutrients in hydroponics farming  is not organic. Is it possible to cultivate Hydroponics farming in organic way?
Any one experimented? Any thoughts? Any reference?


Vigyan Aashram has conducted some experiments on organic Aquaponics (hydroponics + fish). Refer to the document link # vigyanashram.com/inner/innerpage … System.pdf

The solution is using earthworms in the aquaponics setup. The worms would decompose the fish wastes and provide nutrients to the plants.

Hope this helps you.

Hi. There are hydroponic nutrients in have are organic. These are derived from seaweed or kelp.
In India there was s a company that sells this also.  I have this as it was a sample, but will try this later and revert with a reply.