Hydroponics for Herbal plants

Hello Forum,

I’m trying to experiment with hydroponics lately. Took out a small tulsi sapling and transplanted it to a container filled with nutrient solution. Stones were used as substrate and the solution was made by 1gram of powder mixing in 1litre water. The nutrient was ordered from Amazon - “Sitrus All Purpose Plant Fertilizer - 19 All” (N-P-K 19-19-19) Link: www[.]goo.gl[/]vgfLa3

It has been 3 days since I have transplanted and haven’t been able to observe any difference in the growth. I have sterlized stones by heating them in water, kept the plant in sufficient sunlight still no growth.

I would like to have some gyaan on this technology and I’m unable to find where the problem is ? Would like to know the composition of nutrients so that I can prepare the solution myself and experiment once again.

Thanks & Regrds

Hi. Hydroponics can be very simple and still extremely difficult. Why the paradox? It’s because we tend to grow the wrong veg s in the wrong s aeon.
The simplist is basil or tulsi. I use seeds from older plants and the system used is the nft system. Even in this heat, Chandigarh is hot, I am growing basil, Palak and surprisingly even lettuce, but the last is used as a microgreen, as lettuce bolts in the heat. Call me if you need more info . I am in Chandigarh, and contact details are -9779733551,9988233551.

Thanks for the reply Jaspal. NFT Systems are expensive and before I jump into this wagon thought of experimenting the technology.  The sapling died after 5days. Will contact you for info. Request others to engage in this discussion and help me in generating good nutrient solution for my project. Thank you

Dear Sri Jaspal,

I am satisfied with the telephonic conversation, I had with you today. I will try to purchase.

So nice of you.  G.p.rao,  farmer