Hydroponics farm

Dear All
i would like to know how many people are doing hydroponics farming & are you all successful. what is the latest update in the farming

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I have started it a few days ago…should have an update by mid of next week on the quality of the fodder.

To my knowledge, Simply Fresh has been cultivating exotic flowers, vegetables, fruits and leaves in almost two acres of land through hydroponic farming and are now the biggest and the sole suppliers of all salad leaves, exotic berries, salad veggies, and edible flowers to almost all leading star hotels in Bengaluru, Chennai, Hyderabad and Mumbai.
Their farm is digitally controlled by big data, which determines and detects climate conditions and requirement for the plants and alters the environment to suit their need. Sachin spent three years learning the process in Australia and later developing the technique in hyderabad, India. To know more visit thehindu.com

If you do it by own you will be successful …if youbgo to consultant you are gone …

First and formost important thingbis.nutrient management in hydroponics …if you can mix your own that will be good otherwise you have to purchase from market …

So younhave to find a good person who can sell you good nutrient at affordable price .

Rest everything IPM and plant statistics monitoring are same as in soil.