Hydroponic in wet land , is this possible?

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I am an Agri enthusiastic hoping to cultivate hydroponics Cucumber in green house in commercial scale .As a preliminary study i went through various articles and videos .I planed to do the same in about 0.5 acre of land.The  land  that i opted for is a land that was used for paddy cultivation .The stagnated water in near by fields shall make my green house floor also wet so many argued that  paddy fields are not suitable for construction of hydroponics green house, their guess is that wet floor may effect growth.Is that true please advice.I have added a image of type of cultivation that i am going to take.

Hydrophonics is a soil less farming. So it should not affect but if the soil becomes slushy on its own(like marshy land), you will have issues with stability of greenhouse.

If the farm is not becoming slushy on its own(if you dont retain water and water has just wetness) then, you need a civil engineer who will calculate the uplift and give you a design of concrete stucture ( a small pillar) on this you can install green house steel columns.

You can get any technology, check weather you need to spend so much?

The most important issue you need to appreciate is the chance of flooding during monsoons. Last month I met a farmer who is growing ginger near to Surat in Gujarat and he lost almost 30% of his entire crop due to flooding.

When it comes to hydroponics, yes it is soil less cultivation, fine but the picture you have added is a coco peat raised bed with probably some drip irrigation added to it. This is not ‘true’ hydroponics. This is soil less cultivation.

All the same the simple answer to your query is Yes, you can grow crops using coco peat with drip but the ground level has to be seen in relation to possible flooding problems.

I wish you all the best. Right now I am also on the same path but on a slightly larger level in Gujarat.

Gaurav Mehta

Thank you Bhayya,

Your Land soil acts nothing. Only thing you should have sufficient water for the Hydroponic.

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So far as my views are concerned, I would insist you to see if hydrogel films would serve the purpose?? These films are to be laid across the bed. As long as you control the environmental parameters to comply the plant growth, this films would be quite a good aide to uphold the plant life. Functionally, they’ll cover entire roots (Root characteristics are to be considered in this case) and even won’t let the sand trickle even if its slushy. I’ve attached one document for your review.

pusa hydrogel.pdf (2.3 MB)