Hydroponic Fodder

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While searching about hydroponic fodder on the internet, I came across to this wonderful forum. I must say Administrator and members have done an excellent job.

I am willing to start a Dairy Farm. After some research I’ve found that as fodder is the biggest hurdle in making a dairy farm profitable, I should start with cultivating fodder first.

There are couple of problems here. First is the very high cost of land and second is lack of manpower. Hence trying to find a solution to these, I came across to Hydroponic Fodder.

From far it looks like an extremely good opportunity but after indepth research (reading research of other guys) I’ve come to know that its not very profitable when compared to the conventional soil grown grass.

So I would like to know from the experts here about their opinion on the issue. Can hydroponic fodder by cost effective? Do you know of anyone who is actually using Hydroponic fodder to feed their cattle?



Dear Mr Prasham
We manufacture Hydroponics fodder machine.
Mail me your requirement.
My mail ID is greentech.oh.systems@gmail.com

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I have seen your product on the internet. My current requirement is about 250 kgs/day but I think buying atleast 400-500 kg/day module should be fine.

Please send me your catalogue and quote for the same on prashamk (at) gmail (dot) com.

i have gone through your mail. it is positive for me.
I am busy with the fundamental work for my farm house. please send me the project cost  for hydroponic fodder  system for per 100 goats.
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Dear Mr Prasham
We manufacture Hydroponics fodder machine.
Mail me your requirement.
My mail ID is greentecch.oh.systems@gmail.com
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I have seen your product on the internet. My current requirement is about 250 kgs/day but I think buying atleast 400-500 kg/day module should be fine.

Please send me your catalogue and quote for the same on prashamk (at) gmail (dot) com.
[/quote]i like your too much interested in to this but there are little problems with this system

  1. we indian have plenty of land for growing fodder
  2. our environmental system is not like northern countries (like winter) our only problem is management of summer fodder which could be solved with silage.
    3)cow cannot eat same kind of fodder 365 days it needs variations like we need.
  3. hydroponic system is costly. its machine is costly. I asked for quotation from one co. which told me for 120 kg daily fodder producing machinery i have to pay for Rs 7,00,000.

not only this but it require constant seed which costs Rs 20 to 25 per kg of any kind.

out of one kg seed we can produce around 7 kg of fodder that means for for producing 1 kg fodder we have to pay rs 3 + other overheads

but traditional fodder farming can give you massive production of fodder like
Hybrid Napier  - one time seeding like sugarcane. one seed(stick) at re 1, in one hector 25000 seed require, 7 to 8 cuts after 2 months gap, total production in one hector around 170 to 180 tons

African tall - 45 to 60 tons

alfalfa, etc etc.

If you dont have water to cultivate then only use hydroponic 

What relay Cow & dairy farmer need

cows basic need
food, water & shelter

shelter - not like our conventional type in indian farms cow is tide. cow need constant exercise. she needs space. so she could have rest & eat well. i prefer open type farm.

food -
fodder - 2.5% to 3% kg(only dry matter intake, in green fodder only 20% is dry matter intake) of animal wight
              for 400 kg animal 12 kg fodder ( 35 kg green + 5 kg dry fodder)
animal feed - 2kg for her own body + 4 kg for milk production

minerals - we take milk means takeout minerals from her body take it as per your vet says

water - cow need constant water for producing 1 ltr milk cow need 4-5 ltr water

what cow can eat if you minimum fodder

there are plenty of trees like acacia ,Ficus racemosa etc. to know this you have to visit your botany college or at agricultural college.

for near city farm you can use hotel waste or mandi waste most of the mumbai city farms are running on this

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Hope it might help others…

According to above research …H Fodder cost you max 3rs per kg. Now in the same land you can grow Maize or Barley insted of grass…and you can use the same seed for H Fodder machine and use Dry fodder as supplimentary by this you reduce the cost minimum to 2 rs and overall cost will also get reduced…

You reduce the Man power + Water*

Thank you Sir,

There is no need of go for Fodder before taking up of Diary arming.Because almost all the Indian Diary units are taking up by MNCs , there will be a Lot of potentiality for Diary Farming. But it involves Labour Component. However one can go for automation of the operations. Kindly Contact through Mail , we will advise you the easy way of mitigating Fodder problem. Our Mail ID is vasudharealtors@yahoo.co.in ,

Thank youWith Best Wishes,
Vasudha Green Farms,

will be great if you mail me the details how to take care of the fodder problem.


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Generally the Dairy Farming is taking up in the Outskirts of the Towns/Cities. The will be ample Land available for  growing Fodder. Hybrid verities of Fodder like Napier, Lusern Grasses can supplement the Fodder Problems easily. In addition to this Social Forestry Plantation of Melia Dubia will Provide ample Fodder to the Diaries with GOOD and Valuable Nutritive Fodder while giving GOOD Income of Rs.10/- Lakhs/Acre  on the Timber.

If the Diaries are  within the Towns / Cities, the Hydroponic is necessary. Otherwise  also the vegetable Wastage  from Vegetable Markets are also supplementing Cattle needs some extent. Generally Big Diary Farming in the Cities/Towns may not permitting by the Local Govt. authorities in view of the Pollution Problem . If permitted Hydroponic Farming is GOOD alternative for the Town/City Diary Units.  I am very Much thankful if you Provide full details about the Econonics of Hydroponic Fodder units along with the Projects of Various Capacities.

Thank you sir with Best wishes for providing me to use my little Knowledge.!
for Vasudha Green Farms.

Very informative  pages. Detailed analysis of hydroponics fodder nutritional value etc.

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