Hydroponic Farm Project

Dear All,

I’m Sahil Sahni, just joined this forum recently. I am a mechanical engineer and an entrepreneur. I have factories running in three different states in India. I’ve been a hobby grower for a few years now and was recently introduced to hydroponic farming. I wish to pursue this commercially and want to set up vertical farms on the rooftops of my factories. Since I was only doing this as a hobby, I’ll really appreciate some guidance on how these farms can run economically and be self sustaining units. I would want to grow different varieties of lettuce and herbs to start with and install a NFT system and integrate it vertically to get the most yield.

I would love to connect with people who can help me understand the economics and viability of the same. Cheers!


Sahil Sahni

Hello Sir,

There is a company doing Hydroponics system installation and all related things , I recently enquired them about the system and other details .
It is a Delhi based company .Just contact and Enquire them for further details .

I have shown details of their quote below .Their email id is www.cleverbud.com

In this system, we provide pre-mixed nutrients with easy instructions to follow to employ in fertigation. We provide drip irrigation as an optional service.

The package that we currently offer for our systems are as follows:-

  1. The 800 sq feet system is for Rs 2,10,000, and

  2. The 400sq feet system is for Rs 1,40,000.

This includes:-

•The polyhouse

•Growing Bags

•Growing Medium

•Nutrient solution for 1st growing cycle




•Training to use the system

Transport + Taxes would be extra.

We can also customize a system as per your needs if the space that you would like to allocate to it is greater than one acre.



Hi ,

They do not sell individual items , they only do the complete setup which is costly.

Hydroponic is not that much costly affair if you do it by your own , if you hire a cobsultant you are gone.

Basic things are also not available in india , like NFT channels you have to import from china , if you try to buy from these indian cobsultants you are gone , they ll sell just double the price.

so gain the knowledge abd do it by your own , start from small say 100 sqft and move to commercial then.

And if you fine anyone selling NFT channel ( only channel not setup )at good price pls share with all.