Hyderabad based guru or farmer or agri lover

Is it good to grow 25 -100 + vegetables , fruite tree , medicinal plant and herbal plant in same land ?
I am going to do experiment in my 6 plot in different style and different model, guru, types of …
Let me help what should I do and don’t
I am in hyderabad 10th to 14 may. Any one from there can help me in this …I can visit or talk with hyderabad gurus and senior or new farmers ,gardener or agri lover for more learning and understanding agriculture

Hi ,
Please meet sri Raghottam reddy garu and you can see his roof garden where they cultivating all vegetables n fruits . You can see him on Facebook

Tummeti Raghothama Reddy


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Thanks dear Ram
for your advise.
I will meet.
Please provide his address or mobile number because I searched his address or mobile number but couldn’t got his any.
Actually all things in telugu and I don’t know telugu.
If you provide his address or mobile number it will be highly helpful .

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Hi Sir, Whats the status of ur Experiment? How its coming out? Im new to Farmnest(2019) so just came across ur post. Im not an expert or farmer. im a wanna be a Farmer But has absolutely no Direction.
BTW im from Hyderabad.