Hugelkultur in India?

Hi All,
I wondered if anyone on farmnest has successfully undertaken hugelkultur on their farms ? apparently its serves good where water is scarce. So, Am planning to do it on mine. would love to know your experiences.


Do you have availability of so much jungle wood? Hugekulture is well suited for Europe where fire wood is cheap and avaialble in abundant.

It is also suited for backyard farming, I dont think it is scalable.

What area are you planning?

Hi Sri2012,

we have a farm - that had been undeveloped for last 25 yrs. while clearing some parts of it for creating access, we had to cut trees and bushes. this we had preserved and now i plan to use it for hugel beds. i hope that we can tide the summers by creating medium sized ones…


i know, it’s a very old question, just saw it on the forum.
we have created a hugelkultur system in a farm in kolkata last april-may. it is doing pretty well now
we installed drip irrigation system with poly house. our client has grown a huge variety of plants, especially exotic veggies

Can you share some pics ? would Hugels work in summers in India ?


They don’t allow me to upload images.

&yes it works in all seasons. We began last March (probably the first in india), polyhouse came up by April, we had a good harvest of veggies since may & now it’s roaring