How to start: Seeking guidance and advice in Starting

Dear Experts,

I am newbie in this Forum as well in farming field. Even I didn’t start it yet. I wanted some advise from all of you.
I have some agriculture land (approx 15-20 Bigaah) in UP near District Sitapur. I want start farming in that land but I m totally unaware about farming process and issues. So please guide me in following ways,

what is the best way to start good and profitable forming with minimum financial inputs.
As Financially I m not very strong so what kind of government schemes can help me.
Is there any informative zone from where I can find some kind of matrix of data like production per Bigaah depends on area and fertility power.
In my area what is the most profitable corp to avail maximum output.
What would be initial investment for different kind of technics.
What are the major challenges in agriculture farming in UP.

Looking forward to hear experts advices from you, thanks is advance for your support.

What is your water source?
Are you full time farmer?
What type of soil do you have?

What is labour availability? Are they cheep?

We need answers to suggest anything for you.

thank you Sir,
Thank you very much for Providing an opportunity.

Are you having Sufficient Water  and what is the source.

Are you in Farming Profession or Part Time or abstinent Farming

What i the Type of soil and Sopil Samples Reports.

What is labour availability? Are they cheep?

We need answers to suggest anything for yo

Please visit nearest Krishi Vigyan Kendra.

You will find information of crops to be grown, approximate investment etc.

To start with, you can go with seasonal crops for first year which are being generally grown in the area …
Gradually you can plan for long term crops (fruits) with intercropping of vegetables and other seasonal crops…

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