How to procure a good farming land, without hassles? Plz help!

Dear All,

I am a beginner from Chennai & I am into advertising field for past 15yrs & having no background in agriculture. Carving to take-up farming as my full time & do advertising design as a support, till I find my foot firm in farming. I am a constant browser here, viewing relevant posts on this forum for last two - three months. I really appreciate all the contributors who are willing to take responsibility & valuable time to respond to all queries raised by beginners like me. I really gained immense confidence here & planning to put my best foot forward.

To kick-start the process, learnt buying proper clean agriculture ‘LAND’ is very crucial. Here seeking your advice / guidance to procure 3 - 5 acres of agriculture land in & around northern Tamil Nadu. Checked lots of websites, which either flashes huge properties like 100+ acres or highly priced & above all most of them were posted by mediators.  It would be great if you all could kindly share your own experiences and suggest simple, straight, safe & reliable channel to buy agriculture land. This will help me stop day dreaming about farming & all your thoughts will help me take big leap over the first hurdle toward farming.

Thanking you all.

My suggestion will be to lease a small farm in an area where you want to settle down and experiment for a year or so and familiarise the area and suitability and buy in the same area… It all depends on what type of farming you are interested and that too with near zero experience I’ll recommend to study carefully first the area and suitability of crops etc., Please note most of the irrigated lands and fertile lands might have been fully chemicalised!!!  Dry lands may be a good step for organic farming but you need money and muscle power to streamline Dry land to a reasonable one for your own taste!

Dear Sir,

Thanks a ton for your valuable time & suggestions. Sounds really rational for a fresher like me, I am planning to grow fruits & vegetables initially & to do integrated farming with poultry, fishery & dairy in a very small way later. Not zeroed down but love Mecheri area near Salem, would opt for any place near the river bed. If possible can you suggest what would be the cost lease 3 acres for a year in similar areas in TN? Or even if you could share some of your idea about the area’s suitable for my requirement as mentioned above. Look forward for your esteemed comments.