How to make my farm blossom year around

Dear FarmNest members,

To feed pollen to beneficial pests like Bees,Lady Bugs etc in my farm year around, i am planning to make my farm blossom year around. Can you please suggest some flower plants which blossoms around the year or some bunch of plants which blossom seasons wise so that i can achieve above collectively.

Thanks in Advance !!

Chinese hibiscus grow round the year… but donno whether it grows here or not.

lets wait for other members reply.

Btw where is your farm in hyderabad.

Mr Pavan,
          Please note that all the flowers don’t attract bees. Please check in your locality for wild flowers which will normally grow as weeds on the farm bunds and next to the village roads.

the best approach is to have a strip of land on the periphery of your farm dedicated for the growing of flowers which attract bees. This will enhance the productivity of your farm.

If you can elaborate more about what you are trying to achieve, then I can suggest ideas related to that.


I have 4 acres papaya orchard.  As part of IPM, I want bees, lady bugs, hover fly etc beneficial insects stay in my farm year around. I have previously introduced marigold plants in my farm but they had stayed for only 3 months.

So I am looking for single plant or  some combination of plants through which I can attract them(make them stay in my farm)  year around.

I am newbe in farming, it will be great help for me if you could share the names or pics of those plants.


OK. My farm is 100kms away from hyd on srisailm highway.

Hi Pavan,
        if you are looking for plants that flower throughout the year, then you need to look around for flowering perennials like hibiscus etc. You can inquire about the same in the nearby nurseries. If you are planning to for more diverse vegetation, even annuals will do the job for you. Search around your farm for wild flowering plants. If you dedicate a strip of land for growing these, they will grow back even if they die.