How to increase weight of Turkey Birds?

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Biofarms now doing research on Turkey Birds. 1. How to reduce  feed cost?

enrichment of feeds ,  Increase weight of birds in short time with minimum cost.

we collect fresh bone from slaughter house with bone marrow

1 kg  Fresh bone + Raw papaya - 250 gm+ little salt +Turmeric powder (5 gm) in 10 lits water  -

boil up to 1-2 hours  – then filter  -(6-7 lits)

take  2-3 kg chicken feed  and mix with 1 lit  soup  and feed  20- 25 Turkey birds  twice in a week. Provide half dose of normal feed.

It is better to make fresh soup. It can be given alongwith drinking water too.

within six  months we can expect  6-12 kg/ bird.

to increase the metabolism of birds use jagtonic - 20 ml / lit alongwth drinking water

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