How to increase pollination in Mango

I have about 6 m space between submain line (drip system pipeline) and the first row of Mango in the Ultra High density plot. Subsequently, the spacing is 3 m plant to plant.
Would like to utilize the space by planting some flower that will increase pollination. Ideas/suggestions ?

Watering is not an issue since the drip laterals are already in place.

I have studied that keeping beehive boxes in the orchard increase pollination. In some studies done by agricultural institutes, people have reported 20% increase in yield because of pollination by bees. You may want to check out this and find where you can hire/buy/borrow beehives/bee colony to keep in your plot.

Hi saverafarms,

If the Mango Orchards or Moringa or for that matter any other have reached their flowering stage then jvis recommendation makes good sense.

Padmanabhan Ganesan


Why not try a small scale BeeKeeping (Apiculture) in your farm, It won’t cost you more than 3k. Also check out the subsidy available in your State, In Karnataka there is a subsidy of 800Rs per box.

Apart for the pure and natural honey, Honey bees play a vital role in pollinating thereby increacing the yield. :smiley:

Check this: