How to get in to farming

Dear friends,

I am new to the forum & want to know about farming.I have about 24 acre land in the State of Chhattishgarh.My farm land is sarounded by jungle & a small river next to the farm.I am not sure where & how to get in to farming.Like many I also dreamt of becoming a farmer.I would like to start farming as a hobby.

I would appreciate if my friends on the forum can guide & advice me on how to go about it.Your help & support will encourage me & others alike to get in to full time farming.I have no idea about farming,though I try to read articles on farming from websites.

Thanks in advance to all.


Welcome to the forum, Jairaj!

It appears you have already crossed the initial hurdle in that you already have the land, and you have adequate water. I am not a practical expert, but I believe it would help if you can provide more details about your soil type, crops you have around, if the land was cultivated before, labour availability in the area, some details of the weather, rainfall etc.

You have to decide on chemical based farming or organic way of farming. I would suggest to start on organic farming since it will make the soil/environment healthy and tasty/healthy food for you and your consumers.

To get a basics on this, you can read one straw revolution by Masanobu Fukuoka and Zero budget of natural farming by Subash Palekar. Just google and you will find it. Also a vist a number of farmers and have fun with farming.


first get a handson experience on farming for one year/season with a fellow farmer. then you will understand what to do in that particular area. field.

Mr. Thakur
    You have a land close to the forest with water in abundance . Pl. let me know whether wild animals stray into your land . Don’t treat agriculture as a hobby but do it with a passion and you would win hands down. Do you have  Naxalite problem and if your answer is NO then you can adopt eco- tourism and agriculture , Need free help/advice then contact me  at  rdogiri

Dear Mr. Thakur,
Pl visit Organic Farming Association of India site if you have not seen it already.There is a lot of information.
Wish you the best.

Consider visisting the website of Tamil Nadu Agriculture University. Lots of info and useful …

Dear Mr. Thakur,

I have keen interest in farming. I have around 8 Acres of land in Pendra. Started farming( following conventional method) since 2012 and making some profit(though not significat!!). I have a plan to do scientific farming in large scale and in the process I am trying to aquire more lands. Also, I am requesting surrounding farmers to join with me for better cultivation but it appears that they are reluctant to join. So I wish to set an example before them and againg request them to join with me and if it works then I have intention to setup a farmers co-operative for better management and transparency.

If you you are interested, please drop a mail to me.


Dear Jairaj

congrats for taking the plunge…i am a like minded person and searching for land in MP or Chattisgarh for starting agriculture. Could you please tell what price did you get the land at. Chattisgarh is notorious for naxalites is it true for place where you bought land.

To answer your question i feel you should contact the nearest KVK and take a opnion from them regarding future course of action…wlll begun is half done…congrats again


Dear All,I am a great enthusiast in this field and after discovering its potential i am actually planning to get my hands dirty. I have a friend whose father is a traditional farmer and does well in his village. we are palnning to buy a 10 acres land adjacent to his fathers land so that he can also help us with his advice on this. Since we are no tata and birla obviously we are planning to get loan from bank and start a joint venture with three partners, my share being the highest in the ratio 10:20:70. i have the following query

  1. Does banks provide loans for purchasing agricultural lands to IT professional to start farming venture ?
  2. Do you think out of your experience that this is a good idea provided we all three will be monitoring the operations on best time suitability basis
  3. Would the yield be sufficient to pay off bank debts and still get some reward for our hard work
  4. we are planning to start with Cotton, Paddy and then diversify into goat farming, vegetable farming and even dairy

Your expert advise will be highly appreciated