How to create a new topic or post on forum or post a classified ad?


Forum is primarily for discussion topics.
All advertisements related to farming should be posted only under Ads and Offers section.

You need to be registered on the forum to make a post - please click on ‘Login’ - it takes only a few seconds.

Please search before you create new topic using the search box on top right, since the topic may already exist. If it does, please post within the topic than create a new one if it is the same discussion.

Here is how you create a new Topic:

  1. Click on ‘New Topic’ button
  2. Enter a subject, the text of the topic, upload any files or pictures if you like
  3. Select the right Category and add any appropriate Tags for members to find your topic

To reply to an existing post:

  1. Go to the topic where you want to post by clicking it on the main forum page.
  2. Click on the ‘Reply’ button - you will find this at the bottom of the page. If you want to include the text someone else posted before as a reference, click on the ‘Quote’ button of that post instead.
  3. Enter the text for your post and the content body.
  4. Click ‘Reply’ button

Posting an Ad:

  1. Go to Ads and Offers category and post a new topic.
  2. Please post all buy, sell, wanted, offer, paid training type requests in Ads.
  3. Examples of ads: “Wanted banana saplings”, “Available teak plants”, “Emu chicks for sale”, “Labour available”, “Goat training”, “Consultancy available”.
  4. Ads posted in wrong category or with wrong tags will be removed.

Are there some limitations on a basic user as I am not able to post a new topic. Thanks.


Please send me a screenshot with your issue and we can check it out.


after completing the post when I am pressing create a new topic it is remaining there only. for coming out I have to press cancel which finally asks for abandoning the post to come to the main screen.


Please check if javascript is enabled correctly in your browser and there are no script blockers.
Try another browser too.


Thanks, I could resolve the issue. The problem was that the window for inserting a new topic was not fully visible due to the higher zoom of the screen. So I was missing to insert title for my post(Minimum 15 words)