How to contact other members and be contacted?


FarmNest Forum does not restrict members’ contact information and encourages free flow of information, but members should choose the right method of contact to avoid spam and scam messages on the internet. Please exercise due caution in sharing your email id, phone numbers or address on the internet.

How to contact other members:
[li]By personal message - click on the personal message icon below the member name, personal messages show up when the member visits the forum [/li]
[li]By email - click on the email icon below the member name[/li]
[li]Directly by phone or email - if the member has posted these details in his signature or in posts[/li][/ol]
These options are available only if the member has chosen to be contacted by these means.

How to be contacted by others:
[li]By personal message - Only registered members of the forum can contact you on personal message. You can opt out of personal messages under Profile - Personal Messaging. You can also set other options to receive an email when you get a personal message etc. here.[/li]
[li]By email - you can receive emails from other forum members if you enable this option. This is a good option where registered members can contact you by email but your email address is not visible to the member or the whole world - avoids most spam. You can change this option under Profile - Account Settings.[/li]
[li]Directly by phone or email - you can post your contact details in your signature or in posts, but remember these are shown to the whole world. Use this option only if you find it important to publicize your contact details and don’t mind some spam email from email marketers.[/li]
[li]You can create your own signature that shows at the bottom of every post. You can access this from the forum profile option and can include your contact details as you wish to display. You may even create an ad in the FarmNest Ads section and place the link in your forum signature. [/li][/ol]
If you believe any messages received from other members are inappropriate, please report the message or email support at this site’s name.