How to clean latteral pipes filters

Hi all,
          I am jagadisha reddy need one suggestion regarding latteral pipes filter cleaning. I used  on line drip irrigation system in my mulberry farm by mistake one time through drip i fed NPK and urea which are not water solubels ordinary NPK and urea only. from that time so many filter holes are blocked can any one sugest me how to clean that blocked filters. any acid treatment is there for this purpose. Kindly give me suggestions to overcome this problem.

Jagadish reddy

Dear Sri Jagadish,

You can use Phosforic acid in to your drip system @ 1 ltr per 5,000 R.mtrs, through ventury . feed the acid and stop the ventury and keep the drip system untouched for at least 12 hrs.

With this , the laterals and drippers gets cleaned.

With best wishes,  g.p.rao,    farmer

Tx      G.P. Rao for your suggestion. where shall I get phospheric acid.


Dear Sri Respected Jagadish sir,

Iam very much happy and thankful for your help sir. Thank you very much sir.

With lot of respect for your help., so kind of you sir,

For ever so kind  of you. 

With best wishes, yours farmer,  g.p.rao,

Dear G. P. Rao sir,
              i dnt help you in any way sir you only helped me by giving good suggestion sir, tx lot

Jagadish reddy

Dear Sri Jagadeesh,

Phosporic acid is available in Avenue Road, ( so many chemical shops ), behind State Bank of Mysore head office building        ( kaveri Bhavan ), in Bengaluru.

with best wishes,    g.p.rao,  farmer

Tq G. P. Rao sir