How to calculate returns from vegitable and fruit farming

how to calculate returns from vegetable and fruit farming .I am totally new to farming ,Planning to do farming in durg district of chattisgargh after opting voluntary retirement .I have no idea about farming .I am mechanical Engineer by profession aged 50 years
I am planning for natural farming /integrated farming.
what should be the minimum acre needed
how about irrigation ,will ground water be sufficient ,rainfall is 900 mm,ground water level id 30 mm pre monsoon
how many bores are needed per acre or how many acres can be irrigated per acre.
how many cows are needed for natural farming per acre
how to calculate yield, cost of cultivation and returns from vegitables and fruits farming.
Please advice
Hari Prasad

Sir, I am a retired professor from an Agricultural University (Veterinarian). I have a small farm and gone through veg cropping and ended up with fruit trees as well timber trees.

Most agri produce profits go to middlemen. Neither the farmer nor the consumer gets the fairer prises.

However dairying is one if the irganised sector where several middlemen are eliminated and the farmer gets a fair price. If you have a good veterinary facility nearby, this venture can be profitable.

Veg farming, is profitable if you have marketing facility and no labor problem.

Fruit farming is also profitable if u have good market.

Any agri produce, if u have direct access to sell to consumers ( eg., a farm side stall), is 4 to 5 times profitable compared to middlemen sales.

But u can not sell all produce directly unless u plan to get your produce daily or weekly basis.

With best wishes for ur venture

Dr. SM Reddy

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It is very interesting concept to go for Farming, nearing to the retirement as the “health benefits” far exceed the financial gains, while someone is engaged in farming. However, a mature and intelligent person should never lose money in the process. For this, you need to hire the expertise in any area you choose. They bring in lot of experience with them for a fraction of price, compared to your time/money spent in learning curve. Best Wishes.