How the farming bore works if we have farm house in the farm

Hello All,

I am bit confused and worried.

I have recently built a farm house in my farm. I have only one bore that is yielding water and we have farming connection in that (subsidized power for farming).

Sometimes, we fill water from that bore well to the overhead tank we have in the farm house (there is no permanent connection from bore to the tank), is this a problem? Someone said that the water from the bore must be used only for farming purpose not for personal use as it is running from farming electricity and that may create problem if electricity department people comes for checkup.

My house doesn’t has electricity connection and we are managing with torch or battery powered light in the night.

Any idea on how it works if we have farm house and we are using the farming bore water for our consumption.

Hi Rameshwari,
    you are thinking too much , water in overhead tank at your farm house is used for agri purpose only, to clean vegetables, watering saplings in farm house, making pesticides, fertilizers, etc etc …    :slight_smile:


@ppb, you are correct that I am thinking too much but if someone has to tease you they find out loop and wholes. 1-2 connections from the water tank is also in the kitchen and hall of the farm house so I was thinking if they can create problems.

There are many farm houses out there, I was wondering how they works in terms of water usage.



As long as you use the free electricity purely for agriculture purpose, its safe. Other usage of farm electricity will ofcourse lead to penalties or disconnection of line in worst case.

Are you thinking about going solar? If yes do contact us to see if our solution fits your proposition.


Saravana Kumar
Greencurrent Solar Energy Systems