How much experience matters in dairy farming

i am planing to start a dairy farm with 10 c/b cow but i don’t have any experience in this field so my main worry is taht experince matters
in this field .

To start a farm with 10 cows is a good decision. But be prepared to slog yourself. You learn gradually as time goes. Feed cows properly. Keep water in front of the cows always. Use good quality milking machines to solve your milking problem. There is no harm in using machines. It works exactly like hand milking. Advantage is that you are not relying on a skilled labourer. Avoid over feeding. Take help and assistance of the local veterinary doctor. Give preventive vaccinations against FMD. Other vaccines depending upon your area. Deworm your cows. Try to sell milk to the end consumer always to get maximum income. Can try selling buttermilk, Curd etc as per the demand in your area. Don’t worry about your experience. You will learn automatically once you start.Its not an impossible task. Try selling cow dung powder to vegetable growers or dung as such to farmers. Try converting dung to organic manure or vermi compost.That again adds to your income. All the best. Be Confident that you can do it.

Murali Krishnan

dear brother,its great idea having a dairy farm ,but as ur doubt how much experiance it matters in dairy farming,my dear friend really there is no limitation in dairy as every day is challenging for u in livstock sector ,but whenevr u think to start a project at least u should  be familiar with animals requirments,feeding habbits,there look to differentiate between healthy and diseased animal,milking behaviour,heat symptoms,there adoptability to sarrounding temp,ect

so my dear friend i would rather suggest u if possible for u plz be in touch with any farmer and try to spend more time there for some period of time so that at least u can have some idea,and be prepare for some bad experiances in initial stage of ur project,otherwise u will become frustrated and all of ur dreams may go vanish. best of luck

thanks for the  precious imformation  and far as the contact with the farmers i belongs to a farmer family
and many of my family members are engaged with domestic animal but ther are doing it for house hold purpose but i would
like to take dairy farming as bussiness.again thnks for ur kind cooperation .

How are you in your dairy work?
Hope you have got some good results in reaching success?
Can you come back with latest activities and developments?

Hi Amit,

How are you doing with you diary?

I am planning to buy a Desi Cow just 1. Can someone suggest the best place to buy. I am from hyderabad.