How many labour for 1 acre intensive vegetable cultivation?


I would like to know how many labour & hours/day/person for one acre of vegetable production? And I am talking full Indian summers @42-45 degrees centigrade? What are the issues involved labourwise & workwise?


HI Sanjay,
Honestly it is difficult to answer for anyone when we do not know the following:

  1. Which vegetable you are going to cultivate
  2. Whether you are going to intercrop with any other plants
  3. Are you germinating your own seeds or buying seedlings
  4. Do you have electric connection at your site.
  5. How are you going to fertigate and spray pesticides
  6. Are you growing in soil or soil-less

These will help anyone to answer it better, still if you want a ballpark figure, you need 3 fulltime labourer and a supervisor for atleast 1 hr on daily basis.


Veggies for export & urban markets. Bell Peppers, Cucumbers, Gherkins…in fact anything & everything. I believe in polyculture.

No, all veggies, though intercropped with nitrogen fixing plants, wherever combining them would not hurt the main veg crop. 100 Meters long raised beds, sprinkler or drip irrigation. May decide to cover some in shadenets.

Plan to create my own nursery and germinate my own seeds. Can you also give an idea of how big a nursery is required for say 5 acres, assuming a very big diversity of variety. And staffing there too…of course.

Yes, would have some solar & a genset as well.

Totally organic operation. Fertigation through irrigation, organic pesticides, manual spray, I guess. Would love to have pointers on this as well suggestions for further reading & information sources for organic operation for veggies. Depending upon labour availability I plan around 18 acres, but everyone I know wants me to highly scale down the veggies operation.

Soil based, probably raised bed.