High tech dairy farm in karnataka for sale

Total land-3700 acres.Farm-2000 acres.Grass-700 acres,Tea plantation-1000 acres.Australian cows-2800 numbers,Buffaloes-1000 numbers,calf-500 numbers,Goat-500 numbers,Chickesn-4500 numbers,10 filling plants,2 cattle feed plants,Jeep-10 numbers,car-5 numbers,Tractor-20 numbers,doctors-3,Labourers-35,Butter,ghee,icecream factory under renovation,Sufficient water available and fully air conditioned.Milk production daily-1,50,000 litres inside and outside milk purchase-1,50,000 litres.Asking price-Rs.3300 crores.If interested please call-9543455978 or email-chelacuty28@gmail.com

Is this a joke? :flushed::exploding_head::upside_down_face:

All things this guy chelacuty28 quotes will be in 100s of crores
Till now I dint even knew such a huge farm exists in karnataka

Hi Revathy,
Where is this farm located in Karnataka. I haven’t heard such a big hitech dairy farm in India.
If it’s a joke, we request you to please not waste your time in writing your jokes over here.

i have farm for sale in gujarat, comission, 0.05 percent,
it is having ice cream unit, ghee unit, gujarat cows and hybrid cows, per day turnover 33 to 48 crores, per day income 16-18 crore. asking price 25000 crore.

there are evenbigger farms than this. its just that they are not listed on the net as much as other companies. even i have a farm for sale prce 25000 crores, my commision will be 0.05 percent, and buyer must facilitate transport , and food charges, for me

no its not, its rEAL, i have even bigger farm for sale in gujarat, price25000 crores.

Can you give me for lease

25000 crores and no one knows about the farm😂and with 18crores profit/day they want to sell it😂