High tech dairy farm in karnataka for sale


Total land-3700 acres.Farm-2000 acres.Grass-700 acres,Tea plantation-1000 acres.Australian cows-2800 numbers,Buffaloes-1000 numbers,calf-500 numbers,Goat-500 numbers,Chickesn-4500 numbers,10 filling plants,2 cattle feed plants,Jeep-10 numbers,car-5 numbers,Tractor-20 numbers,doctors-3,Labourers-35,Butter,ghee,icecream factory under renovation,Sufficient water available and fully air conditioned.Milk production daily-1,50,000 litres inside and outside milk purchase-1,50,000 litres.Asking price-Rs.3300 crores.If interested please call-9543455978 or email-chelacuty28@gmail.com


Is this a joke? :flushed::exploding_head::upside_down_face:


All things this guy chelacuty28 quotes will be in 100s of crores
Till now I dint even knew such a huge farm exists in karnataka


Hi Revathy,
Where is this farm located in Karnataka. I haven’t heard such a big hitech dairy farm in India.
If it’s a joke, we request you to please not waste your time in writing your jokes over here.