High % Mortality of Dairy Calf

Dear All, I have staretd dairy farm near Nagpur Maharsahtra, with Cross Breed HF and Cross Breed Jersy Cow. But I am facing big issue with Calf Mortality within 30 Days of Birth- 50% Of Calf died few few died with no Symptoms. Can some one help
this is what i fallow as practice

  1. Deworming in 1st week & every week till one month & then once every month
  2. Only Cow milk for 3 weeks and fallowed by Dry Fooder from week 4th onwards
  3. keep the calf open most of the time for 2-3 weeks

Last week calf died with no prior history of ilness. Calf was completely alright drank milk and in 30 minutes it strated spreading legs
and making noise. Heavy breathing and suddenly died. - What can be the reason

do we have any guide on Calf care

Ask your vet to do postmortem and check for bloat, pneumonia (HS) or anthrax or any other organ failures.

This cannot be answered in forum, but by person in the field.


What is the quantity of milk you are giving to calf ? Ideally 10% of body weight need to be given, excess milk also create such problem.

High mortality rate is characteristic of exotic breed… no such problems with local breed.