Help with Thrips


Am growing chilli(NS 1701) for the first time. It seems infested with thrips, not sure though (See attached images). Currently ony 2-3 % is infested.  Please guide.
It is 25 DAT


Dear sir,

To control thrips, spray Acephate @ 1.5 GMs/per ltr water. In it Add 1 ml neem oil with 10,000 ppm Azadherictin content. Also add spreader in it. Spray thoroughly either in morning hours or in evening hours. Be cautious abut rain.

After 4 days give a spray of imedachloprid @ 0.3 to 0.5 ml/ water, add 1 ml neem oil( as said above ) and spreader.

Hope it can help your crop in preventing thrips problem.

With best wishes,  g…p.rao,  farmer.

Hi, Have you try with neem oil, mixing with dish soap? For my plants I use every 15 days.

Sometimes I use citric acid 1 teaspoon in a galon, I have good result.


I tried what Mr Rao suggested and it worked fine. I will try yours too.