Help with disease requested

Hello all

This is a multi-part message due to picture size & number restriction of the forum. Request all members to read all initial posts, see all pictures before replying.

I have a 11’ 5" x 2’ 3" x 2’ concrete planter on my house rooftop. In this I have planted three Bougainvilleas, One Amrood (I think Guava in English…not sure) and few decorative plants.

  • First Two pictures are of the decorative plants. I had five of these, three died of this disease. First come these light coloured spots, then leaf begins to die and curve inwards and slowly stem also dies or starts becoming hollow from inwards…some sort of stem necrosis, that destroys the plants ability to stand up from soil.

Next is this Bougainvillea leaf…indicating some problem… This leaf tip getting out of shape problem is in the roses too and they also have small leaf size problem, though I do not have a picture.


Another decorative plant…

Despite emergence of disease I have refrained from using chemicals, as I eat amroods of the plant. Have introduced earthworm casting (bought packaged from some garden store) instead of chemical fertilizer this year but before I introduced Amrood…chemical fertilizer was the norm and soil nutrient leaching because of excess watering (forgot to close the tap sometimes) through the bottom hole, used to be a major problem, but am trying to avoid it now.

Some small earthworms seem to have germinated, I think from eggs in the earthworm castings. I tend to throw leaves etc in the planter to add to biological mass to let it rot in the planter. Intend to slowly build the soil rather than replace it and having to lose existing plants…two years work of care.

Request help with these diseases in organic way…kill disease in the soil rather than start again.

Also, to add nutrients in this…as the soil was leached.

Am in Amritsar…would like to buy AM solution etc and learn to build the organic nutrient. And would like to buy the organic pesticide if required.

Will be very grateful for all and any help and pointers.

With regards.
Sanjay Arora.

Thank you sir,

This must either Fungus disease or Nutrient Deficiency. Unless verified Physically it will not be possible to decide.Kindly get it checked up with your Horticulture Officer Physically.

Looks like a case of too much chemical fertilizer or a nutrient deficiency.

In either case, and since you have them in pots, I would expect copious amounts of organic manure should fix it.