Help on Pests


The bug in the picture is damaging our crops (cow peas and Ladies Finger) extensively.

We have sprayed 3% Neem Oil Solution but not much effect. Is there any other solution?  Suggestions are welcome (only zbnf or organic ONLY please).

Additional Information: The same bug is flying upto 8-10 fts and eating the leaves of the Neem Tree as well.

Hi Padmanabhan Ganesan,

I contacted an expert Mr Venky Regulatory Specialist, Crop protection, he suggested to spray wood ash on the problem areas and on the plants to protect from these pests. These are kind of beetles, called bean leaf beetles, they are not friendly.

The following URLs would probably be helpful.

Two successive 3% Neem Oil Spray has greatly reduced the pest.

Am glad the trusty neem oil worked. I am not knowledgable but it seems that the pest is a bean leaf beetle. Images at … af-beetle/

From what I have read it appears that neem oil is fairly effective at the larval stage, so please persist with it for a few more lifecycles of the pest.

Biological control seems to be limited but Chestnut leaf Trumpet bush plants (Image at … Tachinidae_from_Kolhapur_and_Satara_districts_India