Help Needed in Removal of Parthenium weed..?

Dear Farmnest Members,

Please kindly help me  Removal of Parthenium Weed in my  5 acre Farm.Need expert Ideas and suggestions regarding the Removal of the weed & also Dead coconut Trees. … ontrol.htm

please check this … i have lots of it in my farm too :slight_smile: but didnt pay too much attention for now :slight_smile:

i have googled & got more info but i need a solution…who have effectively got rid of it…Anyway thanx for the suggestion

Pretty familiar problem all around.
I have tried sowing Janumu as green manure in a part of the land and it seems capable of competing well with Parthenium. I am going to sow another round in the same land to let Janumu come back again after incorporation.

Natural way is better. you can use brush cutter or you can have the land ploughed. If you continuoesly use this method within 3-4 years 95% control can be done. To have 100% control, there should not be any plants in near bay farms also.

Another method is by growing cover crops like mucuna pruriens, or any other legume.

For up rooting dead coconut tree using JCB is cheap and best option. If it cut manually the root portion cannot be removed easily. JCB does the work perfectly.