Help needed in aloe vera cultivation

hii, im planning to start aloe vera cultivation in 2 or 3 acres , is it enough for the marketing of the aloe vera and also what is the commercial type of aloe vera that should be grown and how can i market these aloe vera ? and also what is the economics of this plants. thank q .

Hi Gnansekhar,

I am also based in Hyderabad, I can help you with Aloe vera buyer, I am also planning plantation in large scale, may be 10 acres.

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Hi Aravind,

I am from karur district, Tamil Nadu. Can you please help me on Aloe vera market demand in Tamil Nadu. Based on the demand and if any buyback agreement is possible, am planning to cultivate in around 2 -3 acres.


Hi Magesh,

Sorry, I can assist in and around Hyderabad only


Hello Mr. Aaravind,
Very nice to know that you are helping giving information about Aleo vera plantation, I am from Hyderabad and have land in Maheshwaram around 2 Acres, I request you to please guide me also in plantation and marketing of the product,My phone number is 9160188181.
K R Shariff

Hi I am Shalu I want to grow aloe Vera please help