Help needed for only 2 acres of land in fertile state Punjab

Dear Friends
Being an MBA i just left my job at age 40 and now I wish to be a farmer but i have only 2 acres of land holding in fertile state Punjab. I may take another 3/5 acres of land on lease in same area. I have budget of just Rs. 25lacs in hand and initially i don’t wish to raise loans unless not essential and rewarding handsomely in returns.
I need help to know

  1. What kind of agriculture should i adopt?
  2. Growing vegetables in poly/green house is more profitable or not?
  3. What is cost of poly/green house per acre and which vegetables are suggested?
  4. What precautions are to be taken to grow chemical free vegetables?
  5. My friends/neighbours are advising me start a dairy farm with indian breed of desi cows yielding less milk but fetching better prices.
  6. In my budget please share me details of possible dairy farm.

I am little bit confused and have only 3 months of time in hand to finalise. I need an expert advice to go accordingly.