Help in pest control in aquaponics

Hi Team,

I have been trying out my aquaponic setup in my terrace for a long time now. After lot of learning I was able to grow a yield of green chilles. However the plants have been attacked by a pest and I really dont know anything about it. I have never used any fertiizer or pesticide so far. Actually cannot use as it will have impact on the fish. Please do note that the setup is in direct sunlight with no covering or shadenet.

Request you experts to see the images and

  1. Identify the pest
  2. If possible tell me the source, how it came
  3. Give me a natural solution to get rid of it - without impacting the fish
  4. How do you think I can avoid it in future

Hi Nithin,

These looks like Aphids.
Please search for Aphids pest control in Aquaponics; BackyardAquaponics have people discussing this.

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I too have them but trying to crush them as of now as I have just two plants.