Help in pandal construction

Hi All,

Any one who has prior experience in pandal construction ?

Please guide/correct me with my knowledge

  1. Requires 180 to 200 Stone pillars of 10 Ft height (Per Acer)

  2. 1.5 ton’s of GI Wire

  3. Stone pillars are 2 feet inside the ground and 8 feet above. GI wire tied at 7FT.

  4. Distance is 15X15 ft

The Pandal builder has quoted 2.5 Lakhs for the construction which I feel is very high.

Can any one please suggest if the amount is very high/reasonable/good.

Yes, I understand that the price slightly depends on the distance from the city. My place is in Ranga Reddy district, 100 KM from Hyderabad.

I will be thankful if some one can provide the contacts of the pandal builders around hyderabad.


Venu Kulkarni

We recently did that and it cost us about 5.5 lakhs or so for 4 acres. You can check with Santosh my manager at 9912680049 for details


in my opinion fencing also take same effort. if my assumption is correct,
GI wire costs you 1500X60rs/kg=90,000/-
Stone pillar 260/-x200=52,000(door delivery)
For fencing labor contract 40/- per pillar.  lets take(because 40/- is for fencing pillar which is only 6 ft tall)  80/-x200=16,000
(you can save money if you manage with labors(not contract) it may take 14-16 man days i.e 8 labors can finish in 2 days which should cost you 5600/-)

if you add 20,000 for contingency/miscellaneous total project should cost you 1.78

another suggestion is, now a days there are nylon wires(4mm dia) are available. it costs 200/Kg. you may need 25-30Kg.

Thanks Sri, Thanks Shiv,

I called Santosh, he gave some valuable inputs.

5.5 Laks for 4 acres is very less, that comes to 1,37,500. I think you saved on pillars.

My calculation goes like this.

200 Poles * Rs. 450 = 90000  [1 Stone : rs. 450 (for 10Ft stone poles)]

1.5 Ton’s * 70000  = 1,05,000

Poles 200 * 125 (Labour changes for erection per pole) = 25,000

Total = 2,20,000

Therefore any where between 1.8 to 2 Lakhs is reasonable I believe. Please correct me.

Please suggest how to reduce the cost.

HI Sri,

Can you give some more details about the nylon wire, like the life of the wire,  can it hold the weight of the vegetables.

any practical experiences.

Thank you
Venu Kulkarni

nylon wire I mentioned is  manufactured for Pandal system only. Yes. I have it in my farm. and I have seen many others doing it around Bengaluru.

We have no stone pillars, we have areca trees for which we have tied nylon wires.

Also check TATA Wiron.  They have steel mesh that can be tied vertically to stone pillars - just like building a wall.

Hi Chandra

I think you are talking about the creeper cage below. … r-cage.pdf

Its a good idea, but I think it will cost you a lot.

Hi Sri,

The Nylon rope is a good idea. But it will be recurring expense. May be we have to change every 2 or 3 years, since it will be continuously exposed to water and sunlight.

Compared to cost effectiveness GI wire costs you 1.5 * 60000 = 90000, where as Nylon rope costs  200 * 30 = 6000. This will reduce the cost considerably.

Don’t know where to search for the Nylon rope specifically made for Pandal construction (is there any brand name to search for. I am from Hyderabad).

Thank you

Venu Kulkarni

usually every city will have a road or area which is special for agro products. you can find a plastic shop in this area. it is easy to locate because you can see big PVC drums will be piled up in the front of the shop, these shops will sell all nylon ropes.

Thanks Sri… Thanks for your patience in answering my questions…