Help In hydroponics


Anyone here could please help me in hydroponics? I am willing to start first in small amount. May be books any may be some training. Please help me.

Thanking you

HI Kesha,

I have tried aquaponics successfully in on my terrace. I would be happy to help you in your setup. You can reach me on or 8088984668 for further discussion.

Good luck

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There are many video available on YouTube, and ebooks also on internet.Also you can contact any agricultural college nearest to you, they will be glad to help you.

It is typically not ment for India, being temparate climate once the roots grow big the root zone temprature goes above 28 degrees and plant death happens,only way to avoid it is if you cool the water before irrigation.
The media heats up because hydroponics​ media has great air porosity and ambient temps heat up media.
Call on 9660764501 for more questions

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i tried growing maize fodder by hydroponics but it just wilted away after ambient temperatures crossed 35-38 Deg. workable only below that ambient temp… Am I right to assume this?

I also experienced high ambient temperature problem in deep water culture hydroponics.I insulated the buckets with themocole with partial success.

To achieve both lower ambient temp and low temp of irrigation water, setup a corrugated pad cooler ( and cool irrigation water by setting up a heat exchanger between the pad cooler trough and irrigation water reservoir )

Mind you if u run the irrigation water directly inside pad cooler , the pads will accumulate all the salt and get destroyed.

Second a pad cooler will cost 8k with capacity to reduce temp of 300sq. ft indoors only plus cost of electricity for 12 hrs per day.

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