Help appreciated Starting a Herb Farm in Kodaikanal

Hello Everybody,

I have 1.6 acres of land located 12.5 kms from Kodaikanal at Perumal Malai. I am absolutely new to farming. The land has been there for 20 years and has many trees and its not levelled at the moment. I plan to start a organic herb farm there…as I am new to this field could you please share some insights views contacts ideas resources with me?

Land is not level is not a problem at all. If you have trees dont cut it with out a proper plan. try to maintain the trees as wind barrier.

Post specific questions and members will answer.

Thank you so much for your reply. I did not know how specific to get. We here are the questions that I would like help with

  1. Where do I find resources to help with planning the layout of the herb garden?
    2)I have a list of herbs both culinary and aromatic that I would like to grow. I was wondering if the climate of Kodaikanal supports it?
  2. Any cost estimates on building in Kodaikanal?

Hi Sidharth,

i will  visit your place next time when i go and see what we can help in this :slight_smile: