Heating Symptoms of cow & buffalow

I am harish from lucknow up. I want to know heating symptoms of cow & buffalow & after how many time a cow or buffalo should be seminate after calf production.
Your kind revert is waiting.


There are 10 to 12 symptoms in cow which can be recognized by lay man in cows

  1. Cow starts to bellow instead of moowing
  2. The intake of feed is less
  3. The milk output becomes less
  4. Restlessness can be seen
  5. Starts to mount of other cows
  6. Allows other animals to mount on it.
  7. Rests its chin or rubs its chin on the back of other cows
  8. Swelling and Reddening of the vulva
  9. Licks and sniffs the gential region (Vulva).
    10.Mucous discharge
    11.Tail of the cow will be slightly away from the Vulva.
    12.This indication has to be identified by the vet during palpation the formation of Follicle on the ovary.

While Buffalo has silent heat it is very hard to see the signs except to allow mounting of other animals.
The other symptoms will not be seen often in buffaloes.
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